Zumba, barre, & Yoga

Barre Sculpt

• Sculpts and lengthens muscles through barre and floor work

• Tones arms and legs

• Reduces impact with controlled, isometric movements

• Strengthens abs and tightens glutes

• Enhances flexibility and balance


Zumba is a FUN and enjoyable way to get a phenomenal workout in. It is a powerful exercise that tones the entire body, is great for weight loss, boosts your heart health, helps you de-stress, and improves coordination. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting, Zumba is your answer!

  Candle Light Yoga

Candlelight yoga class is designed to improve the overall health of the mind and body.  This includes helping to correct posture and adjust the spinal alignment as well as strengthening and stretching the muscles. Yoga also provides instruction and guidance for breath techniques that promote relaxation and an overall calming of the nervous system.