Adam Gil

Meet adam Gil

Fitness Kickboxing

Adam Gil’s journey in combat sports began with boxing in1 998, which then grew into a love for Muay Thai kickboxing that started in 2001.

Along the way he was able to compete in both sports as well as training with, and learning from some of the best coaches and multiple world champions along the way.

Adam has since then devoted his career to teaching some of the most sought after fitness camps, including kickboxing and boxing classes in Georgia for the last 17 years as well as coaching fighters, and private training for those that just want to turn things up a notch!

Adams classes are welcoming to all levels. Classes are high energy, explosive, and always with something new to learn along the way. Adams goal is to not only get you in shape, but for you to also learn real life self-defense as you get your sweat on! Game on!