Competing can be one of the scariest things when you’re involved in a sport like jiu-jitsu. When competing, it can be a very nerve-wracking experience and you may feel some anxiety from all of the aspects that go into it. However, that is the EXACT reason why you should do it anyways! Push through the fear and put your training to work, you will be so proud that you did. 

I started competing when I was 13 years old. If I’m being honest… I lost a lot. Sometimes, that’s just the reality when you’re on a journey. You don’t often start out winning and then never stop, but THAT is where and when the growth comes. Losing will cause a competitor to do one of two things: make them give up or drive them to do better. There is a lot to be said for someone who can take a loss and learn from it, which in turn drives them to be greater.

Yes, competing allows you to put your skills to use, but more than anything, it creates character, grit, and determination. You simply cannot put a price tag on that! It’s scary, but boy oh boy, is SO worth it. 

Author: Megan Bader, Kid’s BJJ Instructor